Concrete Cleaning


As you know, concrete has a porous surface and usually gets the most exposure to the elements. As a result debris is easily caked on. Most people believe that build up of dirt & stains are just simple aging. What they might not realize is that much of the unsightliness that is slowly eroding your home’s curb appeal is mold, mildew, fungus and algae.

These living organisms thrive off of dirt, dust and other organic materials that have settled on and in the pores of your concrete, pavers & retaining walls. This is not only unsightly and unhealthy but can also pose safety issues as well.

Once these surfaces become wet they also become very slippery and many slip and fall accidents happen on neglected surfaces around the home. It’s not only a physical hazard, but is also a potential liability concern for the homeowner. One way to help prevent these problems from ever occurring is by pressure washing these areas on a regular basis.

Central Ohio Pressure Wash will apply a mildewcide and a degreasing agent to all concrete and or pavers to kill these living organisms and to lift out stains, oils and dirt. We will then pressure wash and rinse all affected areas and leave you with a clean, healthier and much safer surface. This service along with a full house wash will revive your home’s curb-appeal that you are sure to be proud of!